From Our Lawyer
From Our Lawyer


Your questions answered.

1. Ewe have a lawyer? – Yes, indeed we do.
2. The Nation of Ovine will provide me with a badge? – Yes & No. Approach us on tour wearing your sheepshirt and ewe’ll get a badge. Buy one for 50p on tour if ewe are shirt less. SAE options to acquire a badge beforehand continue to exist.
3. The Nation of Ovine (NoO) and SickThingsUK (STUK) are the same organisation? – Succinctly, no. We plough different furrows as I’m sure ewe must have realised.
4. Do ewe have a website? Yes we still do currently.
5. Can I purchase a sheep shirt? In theory, yes. See website.
6. Have ewe really only attended 80 Alice Cooper shows? – Yes.
7. What’s it all about? – see website.