<span>Goat</span> Hunter
Goat Hunter


Goathunter, Nation of Ovine, member in good standing.

TPAC, Nashville, TN, on May 2, 2016

“I saw Kyler first, and he said, “Love your shirt! Mine is still in my repertoire!” Then when Alice saw me, he said, “Hey! I still have my shirt!” 😎

We ate supper at Cracker Barrel (a chain restaurant that also features a “country store”), and as I was leaving, I passed an old man (older than I—70, at least) who looked at my shirt and said, “That’s a lot of sheep!” 😎

Then at the venue, several people commented on the shirt. One of the people working for the venue pointed it out to his colleague: “Look at that shirt! Alice eyes on sheep! That’s great!”

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