Stakeholders’ Report
Stakeholders’ Report

It gives me enormous pleasure, but what happens on tour stays on tour, to report the healthiest of years for the Nation of Ovine and our expanding membership.

As we head towards 2018 here’s to 2017! A most excellent year topped off with a storming UK Alice Cooper tour that saw the return of the OG’s – the Original Guys – to this sceptred isle. Tears were shed and quality time was spent by our members with Michael Bruce, Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith and the guvnor, Alice Cooper. Quite unbelievable.

Such is the popularity of our #glowinthedark sheep shirt that we were able to report that they have all gone to caring homes. Think finite, think bespoke, think unique. We now claim that 8 of our fine garments reside with the Alice Cooper family, band & crew! More of that in due course.

2017 also saw the release of our Nation of Ovine pin badge which we handed out to those deserving like mint imperials on the tour. Trust ewe got one.

A special 2017 mention to Penny “Dreadful” Bearcroft and Stephen Coleman as our most prolific of Nation of Ovine representers. Bless ewe both. An extra special mention to ewe two for acquiring our lovely new ovine delight, Pat, who is now a key member of the entourage.

2017 has proved to be the Nation of Ovine’s most international year to date the #glowinthedark sheep shirt surfacing all over the UK, in Dublin, Texas, Berlin, Rome, Deinze, Brussels, Chengdu and of course the current FFPOM holder Singapore!

Congratulations Dean of Men according to our calculations ewe are, as 2017 draws to a close, the holder of the Nation of Ovine’s furthest from point of manufacture award. Your claim of 6,864 miles from Cardiff to Singapore has been duly logged. Most excellent work sir!

That’ll do, here’s to 2018 & god bless the Nation of Ovine and it’s fine membership.